Tiered Bandwidth

Tiered Bandwidth 

Tiered Bandwidth - Spanish

Purple's tiered bandwidth solution creates ROI by charging guests for WiFi usage. You can customise your offering by time, speed or data usage.

Time – You can limit the amount of free access time on the guest WiFI. When the limit is reached and usage continues, a charge to the guest is incurred.

Speed – You can limit the upload or download speed of the guest WiFi. Users then have the option of upgrading to a faster WiFI service for a charge.

Usage* – You can set a threshold on data usage. As an example, you may wish for guests who are streaming videos (and using a higher proportion of the allocated bandwidth) to be charged.

Please see the main site for details on managing payments using Purple's Payment Gateway.

UPDATE: The new Tiered bandwith 2.0 is now available in the plataform. The release notes can be found in the attached doc.

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