LogicFlow - Offline

As well as creating engagements for when your WiFi users are online, LogicFlow also allows you to engage with your users before they have authenticated onto your WiFi network.

When creating a new LogicFlow you are presented with the option to choose a Type - Online or Offline.

When creating an Offline LogicFlow you can select from two new decision nodes: Time and Day and one new action node: Splashpage (Offline).

Time parameters include Before, on or before, on or after, after and between. You can select any time of the day within 15 minute intervals. You can also add multiple conditions to the same node. E.g. Before 6:00 - 10:30, After 10:30.

Day parameters allow you to select either is or is not then a day of the Week. E.g. is not Saturday  

You can also combine the two decision nodes. E.g. Time Between 19:00 - 21:00, Day is Friday.

If there is a time when the LogicFlow doesn't match a splashpage, it will default to your standard splashpage that's assigned in your Access Journey.

Use Case

Let's say you are a restaurant chain that runs two different promotions on specific days during the week, the LogicFlow could look something like this:

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