Draytek Vigor 2862, 3220, 2926, 2952 Series

NOTE: You will require the Vigor 2862, 3220, 2926, 2952 Series with 3.9.0 firmware or above in order to continue.

Log in to your Draytek Web Interface and click Hotspot Web Portal >> Profile Setup on the left menu.

Click an available Index, i.e. 1 and configure with:

  • Enable this profile: Yes
  • Portal Method: External Server
  • Captive Portal URL: *insert access_url here*
  • Redirection URL: http://portal.draytek.com
  • Authentication Method: Click External RADIUS Server and set:
    - Enable: Yes
    - Server IP Address: *insert radius_server_ip here*
    - Destination Port: 1812
    - Shared Secret: *insert radius_secret here*
    - Confirm Shared Secret: as above

    Click OK to Save
  • MAC Address Format: AA-BB-CC-DD-EE-FF

Click Save and Next. Now, click the Dest Domain tab and add the following entries, one per index:

*.*insert access_domain here*




If you wish to support social network logins, you also need to add further domains as per below for each network you plan to support







Click Save and Next then configure with:

  • Expired Time After Activation: 0 days 6 hours 0 min (or whatever you wish)
  • HTTPS Redirection: No
  • Captive Portal Detection: Yes
  • Landing Page After Authentication: *insert redirect_url here*
  • Applied Interfaces: Select which SSID(s) you wish to enable the service on

Click Finish to Save. Please ensure you reboot the router before continuing as this is a pre-requisite for the setting to apply.


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