Top Support Issues

1. Looping back to offline splash page after attempted login.

This is due to the end client not receiving any RADIUS authentication and/or configuration issue on the controller.

Steps to follow:

Ensure ports 1812/1813 UDP are open stateful on firewall for RAD traffic.

Check controller configuration to ensure URL re-direct and RADIUS config is OK.

Provide device MAC address to Purple support for further investigation if still not working.

2. Seeing default splash instead of customer chosen splash.

Usually due to no access journey published within the portal.

Steps to follow:

Splash pages may be created but they will not show unless an access journey is published to the customer or venue.

Ensure there is a published journey by impersonating the customer and heading to ‘Onboarding> Access Journey’.

3. Form logins work but social (FB, Twitter etc) receive errors when logging in.

Due to Walled Garden being incorrect on the controller/AP meaning the client cannot reach the attempted URL.

Steps to follow:

Check walled garden against portal guide for any inconsistencies, change if necessary then re-test.

4. ‘Too many re-directs’ or ‘Hotspot server not found/responding’.

There can be a few reasons as to why this error message may show during the login process.

Steps to follow:

Ensure walled garden configuration is correct against setup guide

If Cisco WLC then please ensure the controller is rebooted after the initial setup, these errors can be seen when the WLC hasn’t been rebooted after the config is applied.

5. Social login options not appearing on splash page.

This will require social options with respective ID.

Steps to follow:

Navigate to the venue in question, then select the ‘Access Methods’ tab. From here you can enable the social options and input the venues’ Facebook/Twitter etc ID in order to gain likes/follows during the login process.

6. Test splash page process for an existing user who has logged in previously.

In order to allow an existing user to go through the login journey again you will need to disable the below options.

To ensure splash pages are shown on each returning login please disable the below toggle switches

MAC Auth - Venue settings tab > Disable MAC Auth toggle

Seamless login - Impersonate venue/company > Onboarding > Access Journey > Select Journey > Options tab > Disable seamless toggle

Company seamless login - Company settings tab > Disable roaming seamless login

7. Error - ‘Couldn't find access point `D7-38-FC-09-99-20`. Please check it's configured properly.’

Steps to follow:

This error means the AP MAC is missing from the  portal, please ensure it is correct and added to your venue. For certain types of hardware we require different MAC addresses, for example Cisco we require the base AP MAC rather than the ether1 interface MAC. Please check with Support if you are unsure.

8. When using Cisco WLC you see an error message in black text saying ‘error’.

Steps to follow:

This is usually due to the incorrect hardware type being selected in the portal. Please be aware that if you are using Flexconnect or Guest Anchor with the WLC you will always need to select ‘WLC v8.2 and below’ to allow the configuration to work (regardless of WLC version).

9. When using Cisco WLC v8.2 and below the social options do not work.

Steps to follow:

Unfortunately we can only support Form based logins when using v8.2 and below, or Flexconnect/Guest Anchor due to the enforced IPv4 ACL lists that are unreliable for social login. We suggest upgrading to v8.2 and above and using local mode which would allow for a domain based Walled Garden list.

10. Is x,y,z supported by Purple?

Steps to follow:

For a full up-to-date list of supported hardware please visit the below link. We update this regularly so please check back for updates.

11. Connection to WiFi failed/Signal issue

Steps to follow:
Double check login details
Ensure device is within range

Restart WiFi on the device and ensure SSID is visible from the list
Ensure AP is turned on and broadcasting SSID
Check if AP/network is assigning IP address correctly

12. Your device failed to authenticate i.e. mobile

Steps to follow:

Double check login details

The user is required to completed the entire login process i.e. Accept Terms & Conditions

Ensure device is within range

The client must be able to reach the internet

The AP MAC must be added in the Purple portal
Ensure UDP port 1812/1813 is allowed in the firewall for inbound and outbound traffic

13. Experiencing slow connection speed

Steps to follow:
Client device is too far away from the AP

Too many users logged in, resulting in a bandwidth shortage

A large file is being viewed/downloaded causing the rest of the network to slow down
Internet speed doesn't meet Purple requirements - we recommend a minimum 10Mbps

14. Password Reset or forgotten password

Steps to follow

Click 'Forgot password' link at the bottom of the login page and follow instructions

Check your inbox (please check your Spam/Junk folder, sometimes these emails are treated as spam)

Follow the link to change your password

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