Networks on the Purple firmware routers

There are 2 networks that our firmware provides; the Private and the Public network

The Public Network is seen on the 2 open WiFi SSIDs that can be set on our Firmware and Ethernet port 4 (where a router has 4 ports). This network provides the Captive Portal login for the WiFi service we provide.

The Public SSIDs can be set as active or inactive on the portal.

The Private Network is designed to allow traffic straight out to the Internet via the Private WiFi or Ethernet ports 1,2, or 3.  This is designed for devices that just need internet access such as a point of sale device.  

The Private WiFi is password protected and  the SSID and Key can be configured on the router configuration page and both operate their own DHCP network,  as the service is specifically designed to keep traffic separate from any internal network you may already have.

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