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Pepwave MAX Series

Log in to your Pepwave MAX device web interface.

Click AP at the top and then New SSID. Configure with the following:

Under SSID Settings:

  • SSID: Guest WiFi (or whatever you wish)
  • Broadcast SSID: Enabled (ticked)

Under Security Settings:

  • Security Policy: Open (No Encryption)

Click Save. Next, click Network at the top then Captive Portal on the left. Configure with:

  • Enable: LAN
  • Access Mode: User Authentication
  • Authentication: RADIUS Server
  • Auth Server: *insert radius_server here*  Port: 1812
  • Auth Server Secret: *insert radius_secret here*
  • Accounting Server: *insert radius_server here*  Port: 1813
  • Accounting Server Secret: *insert radius_secret here*
  • Accounting Interim Interval: 180 seconds
  • Access Quota: 1260 minutes   0 MB
  • Inactive Timeout: 60 minutes
  • Allowed Domains / IPs: Enter the following domains one per line:

*insert access_domain here*

If you wish to support social network logins, you also need to add the domains below for each network you plan to support

Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Instagram
  • Splash Page: External URL: *insert access_url here*

Click Save to confirm.

At the top right, click Apply Changes to complete.

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