Plugging in the Hotspot Router


 What’s in the box

 A. Ethernet cable
 B. Micro USB power cable
 C. Hotspot box


 A. Power socket (For Micro USB power socket)

 B. Hard reset button

 C. Status indicator

 D. WAN Socket

 E. LAN Socket

 F. USB 2.0 Socket

Internet Connection

The Internet should be provided via the Ethernet Cable (A)

 Attach the Ethernet Cable (A) to the WAN port (B) on the hotspot router.  This should then be attached to a free LAN port on your Internet router.

Power supply

 The Hotspot router should be provided power via the Micro USB Cable (A)

  Insert the Micro USB Power Cable (A) into the power port (B)

The Status Indicator Light (illustrated as C) on the router, should be active in some way:
The red light flashing indicates WiFi network traffic, green light flashing indicates wired (internet) network traffic.

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