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When setting up Purple WiFi we understand you might want to test the login process to review how a potential Customer might access your WiFi, but you might find it difficult to repeat this process. This guide is designed to assist you in providing you the means to repeatedly test the login process.

To start with, to encounter the Captive Portal (that provides the Splash Page) you need to be logged off from the WiFi that is being provided. If you've tested the login once, then you'll have an active session with our systems, and until that expires, you would not need to login again, so if you're actively wanting to encounter the login, you'd first need to end the session. If you're using our firmware, then this is simple enough to achieve by 'kicking' the Session on the Router's Status page in the Portal systems or by rebooting the router.

So under Management > Venues/Locations > (Click the name of your Venue to load the Configuration Tabs) > Select the Hardware Tab

Actions > Select Status from the Fly-out Menu

On the router Status page you'll note your connected MAC address in the Active WiFi Users, and at the end of the line you'll note the 'plug' icon on the end of each line - if you click on this you'll have the option to 'Kick/block device'

You'll want to untick the option to block the device in the dialogue box before pressing OK - you don't want to block yourself.

You should then be able to reconnect to the WiFi, and potentially encounter the Captive Portal again.

If you're using an enterprise integration with ourselves it should also be possible to 'remove' an active session from the controller providing the integration.

If you're wanting to encounter the Splash Page again (and potentially choose a different method of connecting) then you would need to turn off the option for Seamless Login; Seamless Login allows a customer back in the WiFi using their prior authentication credentials at the Venue, and hiding the Offline Splash Page (the 'pre authentication' Splash Page that provides the option to login).

Seamless login is set to being 'on' on by default on any given Access Journey created, so if you've not actively turned this off, then you would need to turn this off to allow you to encounter the splash page again for testing.

This setting is located within Onboarding > Access Journey > (Click on the name of your Access Journey to edit) > Options Tab >

With these settings and options you should be able to test the login process multiple times.

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