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iOS pop-up on Extreme (Enterasys) IdentiFi Purple WiFi network

 If you have no iOS OSX pop-up on an integration over an Extreme (Enterasys) IdentiFi Controller with ourselves please refer to the following guide from the Extreme Networks website:

How to enabled Apple captive portal auto login detection on the IdentiFi appliance



  • How do I get a login page to automatically pop up when I connect to a captive portal service
  • Enabling the auto login detection feature for captive portal services

  • IdentiFi
  • Firmware 9.x.x
  • Apple
  • Captive Portal
  • Webpage login
  1. Log into the IdentiFi appliances web GUI
  2. Navigate to the VNS tab from the top task bar
  3. On the left column, select Global, Client Autologin
  4. Select the setting Redirect Detection Messages to the Captive Portal
  5. Save the configuration

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