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MIkrotik: Setting Up Remote Winbox Access

If you're needing to support, or would like others to support your Mikrotik set up remotely, as well as allowing access through any Firewall you might have over a connection, you would need to make the following changes in the Routerboard Winbox set up:


  • On the Right hand menu Select IP  - Firewall, and Filter Rules.
  • Click the to add a new rule.
  • Change Chain to input.
  • Change Protocol to tcp.
  • Change Dst. Port to 8291.
  • On the Action tab and make sure Action is set to accept.
  • Create a name for this rule in Comment such as “winbox” (to easily identify this)
  • Click OK.

    NB: The RouterOS runs through the Filter Rules in order, so you need to drag and drop this new rule above the last “drop” rule for this to work.

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