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MicroTik : IP Binding.

Problem: Customer unable to receive email.
Solution: Bypass the user entirely.

A) Create a new bypass entry (One month IP Lease)
B) or make sure: existing bypassed entry is not clashing with a Dynamic DHCP IP Lease

1) Log into MicroTik device
2) go: IP > Hotspot > Hosts
3) Search for hosts using the Mac address for the device: format being: 00:00:00:00:00:00
4) select the "host" record> then click on "Make Binding"> click on "Ok"
5) Check the "IP Bindings" Tab and then inform the customer to retest.


STATIC IP Lease Expired (One Month LEASE)

MicroTik leased a dynamic DHCP IP which conflicted.

To resolve:

Search on Mac address for Hosts:
Then kill host sessions.

Then remove existing IP binding and Create a new IP binding using the mac address.

Finally have the client retest.


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