Understanding the social login options

When a customer logs in to the WiFi via a social network, you can ask them to ‘Like’ your venue on Facebook, or ‘Follow’ you on Twitter.  This is a great way of spreading the word about your venue to other people. The more friends the customer has on social media, the more free exposure for your brand. This kind of exposure is incredibly valuable, as research has shown time and time again that people trust recommendations from their friends.

First time visitors

Facebook - if you have your ‘Like’ function turned on within your portal settings, the WiFi user will be provided with the option to ‘Like’ your Facebook page before they get online.

Twitter - if logging in through Twitter, the WiFi user will be asked to ‘Follow’ your brand on Twitter.

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For more information

More information about linking business Facebook pages can be found in the Purple Portal WiFi User Manuals that are available from your purpleportal.net site account (from the Help and support area listed in the down menu at the very top right of your login on the purpleportal).

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