Linking social media accounts

Why do I need to link my accounts?

Linking your social media accounts within the Purple Portal means that you’ll be able to access all of its features. It’s this connection that enables us to populate your reports and gives you the ability to view timelines, check inboxes and update statuses.

If you use the portal to manage more than one venue, you can choose to link social media accounts for each venue. As a result, you will be able to view reports and manage social activity by venue.

How do I link my account?

Linking your accounts is easy - just go to the “Linked Networks” tab and follow the on-screen instructions from the “link this account” button. If your computer is already logged in to the social network you wish to link, the portal will do it automatically. If the computer is not logged in, you will need to supply your username and password to link the social network you want to use.

Linking business pages

If you want to link a Facebook or account to the portal, you will need to have a business page. These pages are different to your personal accounts and you will not be able to link to the portal without them. If you have more than one business page associated with a social network you can select the one you want to link from a drop down menu.

Unlinking accounts

If you wish to unlink an account simply click the “unlink” button.

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For more information

More information about linking business Facebook pages can be found in the Purple Portal WiFi User Manuals that are available from your site account (from the Help and support area listed in the down menu at the very top right of your login on the purpleportal).

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