Setting up a business page on Facebook

Why should I set up a business page?

Having a business page on Facebook is considered good practice. It is important to be aware that Facebook can remove personal accounts that are clearly promoting a business - it may be easier to gain more fans on a personal account but you run the risk of losing them all at any time, without warning.

Another big thing to consider is that most Facebook users expect reputable companies to have business pages and would be put off if they don’t. They could view a business incorrectly using a personal account as spam or just plain unprofessional!

On the flip side, if you set up your Facebook page and then never post anything on it, that looks really bad. Ideally you should update it with something at least a couple of times a week. If people have taken the trouble to ‘Like’ your business they will expect you to give them something in return - at the least interesting content about your business, and preferably some special offers, competitions, ways they can get involved.

How can I set up a business page?

You can’t set up a business page on Facebook without having a personal account first.

If you already have a personal account, simply login and click the small arrow icon in the top right of your page, where you settings are. Just click the “create page” button and you’ll be presented with six options - choose the one that describes your business best and follow the on-screen instructions from there.

When you’re set up correctly you can start posting updates and building your audience.

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For more information

More information about linking business Facebook pages can be found in the Purple Portal WiFi User Manuals that are available from your site account (from the Help and support area listed in the down menu at the very top right of your login on the purpleportal).

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