Configuring Range Extenders

The Purple WiFi firmware you might install on a compatible router is designed to work with wired network range extenders (additional Access Points).

Access Points (AP's) will need to be plugged into Ethernet Port 4 on a Purple WiFi configured Firmware routers, as Ethernet Ports 1, 2 & 3 are configured for LAN pass through traffic.

If you wish to use more then one Access Point (AP) you will need to make use of a network switch which would plug into Ethernet Port 4 and the additional access point(s) would plug into the network switch.

To Configure an Access Point 

1) Log into the Access Point's Manufactures Default setup. Login instructions are usually found underneath the Access Point: check manufacturers label / instructions.

2) Once logged in, set the Wireless Security Setting to: 'OFF'.

3)  Then 'Set' the Wireless SSiD(s): they need to match as configured on the Purple Portal dashboard: word for word, character for character. 

4) Then select the Wireless operating region to the specific country you are residing within.

5) Finally set the DHCP to: 'ON' (Enabled). Save & Restart.

From this point onwards; the access point will need to be unplugged and plugged into the router configured with our Purple WiFi firmware into (Port 4).
This needs to be the last step as this will cause an infinite loop on DHCP. You will no longer be able to log into the access points default set-up.

If you need to restore the access point back to manufactures default settings please following the manufacturers reset procedure.

If any of the above options are not configurable, the access point may not work.

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