Why can I no longer access my router's web interface over the IP address?

We strip out the web interface for our custom firmware because the router is cloud managed via your purpleportal.net login.

If you did not do so during the sign-up process, you may still need to register the router with Purple WiFi to access the cloud based interface once you have flashed your router with our custom firmware. To do this you would need to log into purpleportal.net with the details from the email received on sign-up.  

Once logged into the portal you should go to the WiFi (menu) > Settings (menu)> 'Hardware' (tab)> 'Add Hardware'.

Select your router hardware model from the drop down list and then add your routers Mac address, clicking the 'Save' button.  

You will then be presented with a link to download the firmware file and instructional guide for your device. 'Save' this file to your local hard-drive directory.

You will then be presented with additional button to configure the wireless settings you want on your router; please complete this and press 'Save' again.

Finally, you'll need to flash your router hardware using the instructional guide and firmware file provided.

Once done ...please restart your router hardware device to initial an automatic update. Your router will then download these settings from our cloud server to provide the configured service.

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